WMRSD policies addressing Bullying and Harassment are Policy JICK: Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention – Bullying, and JBAB: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Assuring bullying and harassment compliance of federal, state, and district policies and guidelines, the WMRSD has renewed expectations and monitoring across the district for investigating allegations of bullying and harassment and for the completion of subsequent paperwork.


New Hampshire statute RSA 193-F, Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention, was amended during the 2010 legislative session. Effective July 1, 2010, the legislation reaffirms that “one of the legislature’s highest priorities is to protect our children from physical, emotional, and psychological violence by addressing the harm caused by bullying and cyberbullying in our public schools.” (RSA 193-F:2, 1).

All pupils have the right to attend public schools that are safe, secure, and respectful environments. The standards for school approval also direct that a district provide a safe and secure culture. The references to the state standards for school approval are Ed 306.04 Policy Development and Ed 306.06 Culture and Climate. The New Hampshire statute, RSA 193-F, Public Safety and Violence Prevention, reaffirms and strengthens the need of schools to be mindful of real or perceived differences among children. The intent of the law is for schools to protect against and address bullying/cyberbullying.

RSA 193-F:4, II requires that all school boards and boards of trustees of charter schools shall adopt a written policy prohibiting bullying and cyberbullying. The written policy prohibiting bullying and cyberbullying. should acknowledge that bullying/cyberbullying can occur both in the school setting and out of school if it interferes with a student’s educational opportunities or disrupts a school day or event.