North Country CLASS
  • Children Learning Academics and Social Skills
    North Country CLASS is an alternative day placement for children grades 1-8 who have been identified as students with an emotional disability.  The program is divided into two classrooms. Typically grades 1-4 are in one classroom and grades 5-8 are in the second classroom.  The program includes a full-time counselor to address student needs; emotionally, socially and to make connections with home to develop a school to home connection.
  • NCC Philosophy:
    To provide a stable, nurturing, and respectful environment where children can grow emotionally, socially, and academically.  Partnerships shall be formed between the student, family, and their team, which supports the emotional and social growth of the child.  Students will be taught to approach situations honestly, accept responsibility for their behavior, and assist in designing plans to practice behaviors that bring positive outcomes.  This will support the ultimate goal of successful reintegration into an inclusive setting.